Bath Fizzers

Handmade in small batches in British Columbia, Canada these delectable bath bombs come in 6 different scents and are made with the highest quality essential and fragrant oils. Best of all? They're AFFORDABLE! No more guilt for spoiling yourself!

120g each (baseball sized)


Made in Canada

Heaven (Blue) - With notes of cucumber, Heaven is a cool, fresh and clean scent  

Lavender (Purple) - A calming mix of Lavender with Palmarosa, perfect for unwinding. 

Mango (Green) - As the name says, infused with fragrant oils, Mango contains fruity notes. Great for a pick-me-up. 

Strawberry Banana (Pink) - Lightly sweet, an ideal combo  when you just want to treat yourself  

Lemon (Yellow) - A combination of vibrant lemon paired with the soothing notes of Vanilla.

Tangerine (Orange) - Vibrant citrus notes create a clean uplifting fragrant experience.