Social Policy

Our Social Media Policy

The world is a wonderful place to discover fun and fabulous things, especially as it relates to the beauty industry. We encourage contribution on our social feeds from our employees as well as our customer base and aim to have our social channels be a place of positive connection for the Funk 'n' Frost community.  Below are the social channel guidelines we adhere to and hope you adhere to as well.


  1. We aim to always protect our customer's rights and to be in compliance with all applicable and known policies, laws,  and regulations. These rights we aim to protect include privacy, intellectual property, and consumer rights.
    1. Funk ‘n’ Frost Beauty Bar is against all forms of bullying, cyber and otherwise. We reserve the right to remove comments that aim to hurt others. This includes (in rare  circumstances) comments that aim to bully our company, its employees, or our vendors.
      1. Be yourself, have fun, and respect others - we will do the same.