The Sugarpill Pretty Poison lipstick. Intensely pigmented shades in fabulous matte finishes. Vegan and cruelty-free!

Anti-Socialite - Finally, a semi-matte blackened burgundy lipstick that’s as dark and mysterious as you!

Bliss - Blue-based baby pink with blush and gold sparkles. Sweet babydoll lips that’ll send ‘em to heaven!

Cubby - Matte peachy-pink coral, sweet as a baby bear!

Dark-Sided - Embrace your dark side in a luxuriously matte, deep plum lip.

Detox - Delicious, revitalizing orange. The perfect matte true-balanced orange you've been looking for!

Girl Crush - You'll be everyone's girl crush in this vivid matte fuchsia with blue undertones.

Glint - The golden child! Warm metallic gold infused with sparkles.

Gravity - Rosy taupe with purple and gold sparkles. Your new fave that looks good with everything!

Nectar - A delicious coral with pink and gold sparkles. Cuz you’re the queen bee!

Nurse - Rich, matte, true red with blue undertones. A staple in every makeup bag! 

Shiver - The perfect cobalt blue. Contains pearlescent pigments for a subtle metallic sheen that reflects light.

Spank - Matte, deep blue-based violet.

U4EA - U4EA (Euphoria) is a super saturated, darkened matte teal. Unconventional yet flattering on all skin tones!

Zero - Not your sister’s high school mall goth lipstick! Silky, rich, matte true black, no blue or brown undertones 

Net weight: 3.2 grams