The Smoked Out Eyeshadow Palette consists of 8 highly pigmented shadows, that will allow you to achieve a perfect 'smokey' eye with a range of colours that beautifully compliment eachother.

Each shadow weighs 3.5g.

What is it all about?

Half Naked - This is a soft matte shade that has a yellowy peachy tone. It's a perfect highlight or transition shade. Think Oatmeal.

Jealous Ex - This is a matte toasted beige shade with a light dusting of gold flecks.

Bedroom Eyes - This is a metallic duo chrome shade of rich chocolate brown mixed with green.

Red Bottoms - This is a creamy matte shade of a rich, dark reddish brown.

Pretty Broke - This is a dark forest green metallic shade. Think pine trees.

Outshine - This is a metallic shade made of a deep and vivid velvety royal blue.

#Goals - This is a rich purple metallic shade. Think royalty.

Solder Grey - This is a deep dark metallic grey shade. Think gunmetal.

** Cruelty Free**