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Like precious jewels, these shimmery shadows add dimension and light, for a lustrous, sheen and glimmering eye look. The finely milled powder blends instantly and is ideal for shading and illuminating the eyes. Vitamin E nourishes and conditions, while mineral oil and dimethicone allow for a smooth, precise and effortless application. The unique roller ball applicator is easy-to-use and creates professional looking results every time.

Net Weight: 2.3 g/POIDS NET WT. 0.08 OZ.

Apply directly onto the lids, smoothly rolling on color with the rollerball. Or, hold the rollerball downwards while gently tapping to allow the loose shadow pigment to disburse onto a mixing palette.


1. To create a waterproof cream shadow, mix favorite color of The Loose Shimmer Shadow with 1 pump of any color of Celestial liquid lighting highlighter, mix together on back of hand and apply with favorite brush.

2. Blend 2 or 3 colors of The Loose Shimmer Shadow together to create even more vibrant gem tone shades: IE: mixing Rose Quartz with Citrine makes a beautiful rose gold shade that makes a gorgeous all over eye shadow color.

3. Sweep Kunzite into the high planes of the face and press into the cupid's bow for a runway inspired, shiny highlight.

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