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This ergonomically designed brush is designed to create a smooth, even and perfect makeup finish every time. Versatile to be used with primers, powder, cream and liquid foundations. Densely packed synthetic bristles are specially designed to mimic human fingers. The tapered brush head is ideal for blending and works from any angle to create a flawless look without the mess.

Use The Foundation Brush to blend foundation into all areas of the face.


1. To create perfect airbrushed looking skin, apply your favorite foundation with this brush, using circular movements on small areas of the face at a time. 

2. For more foundation coverage in certain areas, use the tip of The Foundation Brush to stipple. Press small amounts of foundation into the skin in just these concentrated areas. 

3. For expert placement of The Guardian Angel Cream, or any of The Celestial Liquid Lighting Highlighter shades, use The Foundation Brush to apply to the cheekbones, forehead, chin, and bridge of nose. 

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